Thank you to all the women who have written to me about their experiences with using Rub-On Nipples®!

User feedback on this product has been heartwarming. How rewarding it is to hear from women with such comments as, “Thank you for making me feel beautiful again!” and “It put a smile on my face in seconds.”

I feel that this product is life changing. No matter how positive you are after mastectomy, there are those fleeting moments of sadness when the mirror reminds us of our loss. So, if you have bare mounds, please order Rub-On Nipples® and see for yourself how different and empowering it feels to have a nipple presence again! You owe it to yourself after all you have been through!

User Reviews

“I’m not big on the idea of permanent tattooed nipples. Rub-On Nipples are the perfect answer for me. I received my shipment 2 weeks ago and ran from the mail box to the house to try them on. First set are still on and look GREAT! I LOVE your product!! Thank you!”

Amy says:
“Rub-On Nipples made me feel whole again. I ordered a set out of curiosity, put them on, and cried. I felt like a woman again! I really didn’t think that would be possible. I LOVE the way they look. They look real and natural, and my husband loves them too! 😉 You have inspired me to start looking for someone to do my tattoos, but until I get the courage, I will use these temporary tattoos and feel pretty! Thank you, for helping me to jump my final hurdle.”

Beth says:
I am 62 years old and had a double mastectomy and reconstruction a year ago. I found this site online and decided to try the temporary tattoos. WOW, I love this product. I really didn’t think having nipples on my Barbie boobs would make much of a difference, but they do. As a result of using this wonderful product for several months. I have decided to do the permanent tattoos. I have opted not to do the nipple reconstruction because I don’t want another surgery, but I do want nipples again. Thank you for helping me make my decision. If you would have told me these tattoos would have made this much difference in my outlook, I may have been skeptical. BUT, I am a firm believer in having nipples. YAY, for this company.

Ariel says:
…thank you for making me feel beautiful again.

Jules says:
I am not ready to get the permanent tattoos just because I don’t want to mess with my boobs anymore. And now I am in no rush because I have the temporary Rub-On Nipples. I have gotten so used to having these on that I can’t go without them. They are part of my “getting ready” ritual for vacations and date nights, and just every day. I really love this product and it has helped me tremendously.

Laura says:
Based on my experience with Rub-On Nipples, I made the decision to have permanent tattooing done. This product made me comfortable with my decision, and since I had some leftover rub-ons I gave them to my permanent make-up artist to pass on to other women who are making the same decisions. I want to let you know how much I appreciated the temporary tattoos. I can’t tell you how much your product has made a difference for me!

Jennifer says:
It is AMAZING how much better Rub-On Nipples make me feel. I’m coming up on one year since my BLM and reconstruction and my scars are still so dark and raised. Having something like the temporary tattoos really tricks the eye so you don’t notice the scars as much. Well worth it just to feel better when you catch a glimpse of yourself before a shower or while getting dressed. Thank you so much for creating this product!!

Jules says:
These tattoos are great! After 2.5 years of my Barbie Boobs — in my thirties — it’s nice to kind of look “normal” — it’s made a huge difference for me and my husband!

Linda says:
Unless you have lived through a mastectomy/reconstruction…there are no words to express what a little rub on nipple can add to your life!

Ariel says:
I just used the Rub-On Nipples, and they are wonderful! I have been looking to “try” a nipple for some time and this was a perfect solution. They made me feel beautiful and put a smile on my face within seconds. Thank you so much for offering this product! I am also telling all my friends! You are doing a wonderful thing.

Susan says:
I wanted to tell you how much I love the tattoos. When I showed my husband he had to touch them before he realized that they were flat. So nice to have “faces” instead of blank blobs! Jeanne”I did not think it would make that much difference in how I look but it makes a huge difference! My husband agrees!

Jeannie says:
I’ve shown a couple of my friends at work (women nurses that have seen me through thick and thin) and they were very impressed!

Linda says:
I completed reconstruction with implants last December and I am not quite ready to have permanent tattoos done . Searched high and low for rub on tattoos and found your site this week. My rub ons were delivered today and are awesome!! Now I don’t feel pressured to get permanents unless I really want to. Thanks so much for this great product!

Susan says:
I really would have liked to have had them with the expanders as I had a fairly natural shape. During the chemo and all I think I would have felt better about my appearance if I had known about them.

Jeanne says:
I am really feeling good…especially when I get a glimpse in the mirror as I dress and see nipples instead of that down feeling I got when I saw none.

Susan says:
I am so excited to find your site!! I have been debating on this for some time about nipples or just a tattoo. I don’t feel quite complete but don’t want big lumps showing through my tee- shirts. I bought some stick on plastic ones and they are way too apparent under anything, so I am looking forward to wearing these temporary nipples! Your site is cheerful and fun. Just what we need after the long journey. Thank you so much!

Susan says:
Thanks for sending the rub on tattoos.. It is really amazing what a difference the appearance is! Wow, I was getting used to the “blank look” and was very hesitant to do any more surgery or tattoo. Now I know for sure. I am going to skip the nipple surgery, I do not need big “cold” bumps. These temporary nipples are a huge help to us women not able to decide. Thank you again for such a wonderful tool to use! You are awesome!

Sue says:
I just wanted to tell everyone that I have just used the Rub-On Nipples™ and they are AMAZING! Extremely easy to use–literally took me minutes to put on. I was on the fence about whether I would get nipples/areola–BUT in using these temporary tattoos I know now that I will definitely have the permanent tattoos done.

Carrie says:
Thanks for sending the two new colors for me to try out! I have tried the rosey one which was a bit too red and now I am trying the extra light barely there and think they are bit too light. But, I have a feeling the medium peachy tan ones will be good! I think they are a great concept and have really helped me see what it will look like when I get my final tattoos. It’s nice to play around with these and test out the colors!! It really does put a nice finished look on things. Thanks so much!!

Jeanne says:
I would prefer just wearing rub-ons forever once I find the right color.

Darlene says:
I have been deciding whether or not to do the nipple reconstruction, and I thought seeing the tattoos on would help me with the decision. It did, and Wednesday I had my nipple reconstruction.

Bahja says:
Rub-On Nipples have helped with my recovery and have filled the void until I have my nipple reconstruction in a couple of months.

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