Our Mission is Mastectomy Empowerment

BreastHealing.com is the educational hub for various undertakings with one common theme—breast healing. All of our endeavors encompass elements of the healing process after mastectomy. We strive to make a difference in the lives of women in need of breast healing.

Katie Maroldi Carr, LMSW, is now at the helm of BreastHealing.com. Katie brings the most compassionate and heartfelt fervor to her work from both perspectives as a licensed social worker and as a devoted daughter during her mother’s breast cancer journey. Her passion is fueled by her experiences in both realms, and she dedicates her mission to her late mother Maureen.

Katie has been part of the BreastHealing.com team since its inception. She helped to build the groundwork of the company and has been an ongoing inspiration in all the company’s endeavors.

Breast Healing President Katie Carr, LMSW, and Founder Elizabeth Vivenzio

President Katie Carr & Founder Elizabeth Vivenzio

Our History

BreastHealing.com was founded in 2009 by Elizabeth Vivenzio on the heels of her mastectomy experiences. After having written patient educational materials for over 30 years, Elizabeth knew she could help other women following in her path by sharing the knowledge she had garnered on her journey. Her unique perspectives led her to the purpose of conveying the message of mastectomy empowerment.

As an educational resource for post-mastectomy women, BreastHealing.com will continue the advocacy and mission of mastectomy empowerment under Katie’s direction. Embracing Mastectomy topics provide coping strategies and preparation guidelines for those facing surgery. We also provide informative and practical self-care tips that promote optimal healing.

Another main focus covers education about the final stages of breast reconstruction including nipple reconstruction and areola tattooing. (See All About Nipples.) Based on Elizabeth’s research about permanent areola pigmentation, she invented the life-changing mastectomy product, Rub-On Nipples®, which are temporary areola tattoos for women with bare mounds after breast reconstruction.

Rub-On Nipples® have been granted US Patents #D666421 and #D668061, and they are now under the umbrella of Katherine F. Carr DBA Breast Healing.

This evolution of information has come full circle with the development of topics related to post-mastectomy pain, breast implant removal and the choice of no reconstruction.

We ask that you share our site to empower your mastectomy sisters…