Optimal Healing for Mastectomy Patients…

Self-Care Topics and Encouragement to Help You through your Journey

by Founder Elizabeth Vivenzio


You have the power to make your mastectomy journey easier by being proactive in your preparation!

Being proactive means taking action…the more you prepare, the easier this journey will be. Understanding the recovery process is a major step in bracing yourself (as in “Embracing”) for the bumpy road ahead. With proactive preparation, you can avoid the potholes and assure a smoother ride towards your destination…full recovery! You have come to a positive and proactive site that can ease your way through mastectomy, breast reconstruction and other breast surgeries as well. I learned so much about healing during my five breast surgeries, and I now have a mission to share that healing knowledge.

You see, I have been writing patient educational materials with physicians for more than 40 years, so I felt that my efforts could make a real difference to others on the same path.

Why is this informational site different?

It is different because it covers the most practical and essential recovery information…self-care topics that are not explained elsewhere. Please click around, and you will see what I mean. You owe it to yourself to learn the best possible strategies for your comfort and optimal healing!