The Surgical Recovery Process


Understanding the post-op recovery process is a major step in bracing for the road ahead.


If you have had surgery in the past, then you will be much better prepared to pace yourself. If you have no experience with undergoing surgery, then bolster your inner strength and your attributes of endurance, perseverance, and patience.

Remember: Every Day Gets Easier!

Remind yourself of this several times each day. The first few days are the worst. That is where patience comes in. Pace yourself — knowing that time is your friend.

Here are some guidelines for optimal recovery:

    • Embrace the spirit of healing in your life. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Maintain a positive attitude that you can get through this challenge. Make a healing commitment that you will heed advice and be proactive in your self-care.
    • Get a lot of rest. It is important to remember that your body has been through a lot. The body needs energy to heal itself, so you should not squander that precious energy on superfluous activity. Don’t push yourself to do too much too soon. Try to take a nap each day.
    • Listen to your body. If you try to do too much, your body will let you know. The pain will worsen if you do not limit your activity. You may also feel exhausted, which is your body telling you to rest.
    • Eat nutritious meals and snacks. Your body needs good nutrition for healing. Try to eat a well-balanced diet that includes all the essential food groups. Also, get advice from your doctor about vitamin supplements.
    • Prepare for your limitations. Understanding your limitations is essential. Be a smart patient and respect the healing process.
    • Walk around your home each day. Walking and movement helps healing by improving circulation and promoting deep breathing. This reduces your risk of blood clots and increases the oxygen in your body.
    • Maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude will accelerate your recovery. Positive energy will spark your healing power.

Hang in there! Full recovery is on your horizon…

For more specific healing and recovery information, see Self Care Tips for Optimal Healing.

Breast Healing Mantra

by Founder Elizabeth Vivenzio

Women often ask me how to handle the time frame right before surgery. This phase…just waiting as the date draws close…is the hardest time (except for the initial decision-making). It is such a relief when you are on the other side of the surgery!

Here is my mantra: Let the Healing Begin!

When you envision your post-op journey, concentrate on the healing that will be occurring. When you discuss it, say, “I just cannot wait for the healing to begin!” When you think of waking up from surgery, envision the relief in the statement, “Let the Healing Begin!”

My last two surgeries, the nurse told me that all I kept saying as I woke up was, “Let the Healing Begin!”

It helps. I promise. I have coached other women with this same mantra, and they have confirmed that it helped them tremendously!