How to Feel Sexy Again
Camisole with Rub-On Nipples

Camisole with Rub-On Nipples Applied

The Allure of Lace

The visual tease of Rub-On Nipples® can boost your sensual self-esteem tremendously. Some women, however, are still bothered by their scars.

Here is a solution that will surely help. A see-through lace bra or camisole provides the visual allure of the Rub-On Nipples® with the benefit of scar camouflage. If you are looking for an alluring look, you will not be disappointed and neither will your partner! After all, it is common knowledge that we are visual beings when it comes to sex appeal.

Several mastectomy boutique owners now recommend brands, such as the Hanky Panky® Brand of revealing lingerie, which features the brand’s signature stretch, unlined lace camisole. Who would have thought “revealing” would be in our vocabulary again? But, pairing these pieces with your Rub-On Nipples® will bring renewed flair to your appeal.

One final tip: Wear a Hanky Panky® camisole in the tub; they are lightweight and dry easily when done. If you have ever felt awkward having your partner see you soaking, this tip will turn an uncomfortable time into a pleasurable one. And if you are lucky enough to have a double soaking tub, it will be even better!