by Founder Elizabeth Vivenzio


Proactive Energy Sparks Your Healing Power


There is healing warmth that radiates from proactive energy. This warmth sparks the healing power within you.

Yes, it is worth repeating…you have the power to make this mastectomy journey easier by being proactive in your preparation!

Being proactive means taking action…the more you prepare, the easier this journey will be.

What is the alternative? If you approach your surgery passively, just assuming things will work out; you may suffer or struggle unnecessarily.

For example, during the first days when you cannot shower (and during the following weeks when you may not have the energy every day), you need an alternative. The challenge of cleanliness during recovery is overcome by using the body and facial cleansing cloths that I recommend in the self-care topic, Bathing & Showering. This is a perfect example of setting yourself up for a more comfortable recovery.

So, take heed, and prepare! Click around and you will learn all my recommended strategies for optimal healing!

Be Cheerful! Yes, that is why you will see gerbera daisies on this site. The flower denotes cheerfulness. And that is what you want to convey. A cheerful disposition does so much to move you along in your healing and recovery.

Remember, breasts do not define you…your inner being and spirit are still intact!!