To Pucker or Not to Pucker?

March 10, 2014
by admin

Illusion-TattooThat is the question…

For me, it is an easy decision.

If there has been any benefit in this whole mess, it is that I no longer have to wear a bra. Ahhhh, the release from that binding is just glorious!

So, now that I am liberated from the ties that bind, why would I want to get headlights and be forced back into wearing a bra for modesty’s sake? I am a grandmother, for crying out loud; I cannot walk around with headlights. Remember, once you get nipple nubs created, they do not smooth out; they are always erect.

Illusion of Protrusion Tattoo

To pucker or not to pucker? During my recent observation day at the Beau Institute, I posed this question to the group of permanent cosmetic artists who were observing Rose Marie Beauchemin’s creation of a three-dimensional areola tattoo on her client. The 3-D visual was so remarkable that the consensus of the group was that no raised nub was needed for the breast to look authentic.

But, here is another side of the coin—I thought about this as I photographed my friend’s nipples being created. Does your lover need something to nibble on?

What do you say? What does your partner say? Is the nub worth the comfort of going braless?


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