Getting to Second Base

Second Base

Second Base

After putting off my nipple tattoos for over a year, there was finally a reason to get them done. I was in, what I called, a “nipple emergency!”

“I need my nipples,” I told my friend over lunch wraps. “I didn’t care before, but now I want to look real.”

It was not a coincidence that the timing of my revelation came after my new boyfriend got to second base. Yes, it took a man’s hands caressing my breasts to propel me into action.

I knew he was clueless about what he was feeling as he caressed my mounds. I felt confident that he could not tell that my boobs were fake through my bra and shirt. They did feel real, after all, under a double layer of material.

There was no doubt about what I was feeling. The yearning I felt told me it was time. Time to put the past behind me and move on with my life—a full life that included re-igniting my sexual self.

That’s when I knew I had to get my nipple tattoos. That would be the easy part. Feeling confident in the bedroom—that will be the challenge. Will there ever be a time when I feel confident and alluring again?

Did getting your nipple tattoos help you reconnect with your sensual self after mastectomy? Do you think it will help my self-confidence?

About Gina:

Gina is the shy member of our writing collaborative. Without sharing much of her personal information, she would rather focus on sharing her emotional experiences anonymously.

After learning she had the BRCA 2 mutation, Gina opted for a risk-reducing mastectomy in her early 30s. She experienced disapproval from family members that included a staunch resistance from her mother. She also felt others in her life treated her in a judgmental way, and, ironically, this happened with a few breast cancer survivors who had chosen lumpectomy.

Because of these experiences, she prefers the cloak of anonymity, under which she can speak openly and freely about her post-mastectomy life.

She hopes that her reflections can help other young women move forward and onward…and realize that there is LIFE after mastectomy.


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