Patent Approved for Rub-On Nipples®

Patent Granted for Temporary Areola Tattoos Used after Mastectomy

EV Endeavors, LLC, a mastectomy empowerment company, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent #D666421 and #D668061 for their temporary areola tattoos used by women with bare mounds after mastectomy. The proprietary design of the nipple/areola tattoos incorporates three-dimensional (3-D) techniques to simulate permanent areola pigmentation (commonly called nipple tattoos), which is the final step that completes the breast reconstruction process.

Significance of Non-Surgical Areola Options
The newly-advanced 3-D techniques of both the permanent and temporary areola/nipple tattoos look so realistic that some women decide to forgo two types of invasive surgeries previously considered standard practice during breast reconstruction. The traditional nipple-areola reconstruction (NAR) is a two-step process to create a nipple nub and replicate an areola.

In the past, surgeons would harvest a piece of cartilage from the ear to create the nub. Skin-flap procedures have simplified the nipple creation process whereby the surgeon frees up a section of skin atop the reconstructed mound, swirls it into a nub, and then sutures it into a protrusion. Surgery to replicate the areola involves grafting harvested skin from the groin, stomach or elsewhere so that the areolar skin differs from the skin on the breast mound.

The Illusion of Protrusion
The 3-D effect for this areola/nipple recreation has been aptly coined the “illusion of protrusion” by experts in the field. Advanced techniques required for optimal 3-D results (similar to those of the temporary areola tattoos), require skills in shadowing, highlighting, feathering, and contouring. Color selection is critical to good outcomes as well, so color blending with pigment hues is essential.

One-dimensional tattooing can look freakish and result in what the industry calls the “bulls-eye” effect.”  With an artist skilled in 3-D techniques the results are very realistic. This is why the online message boards are buzzing with name requests for artists skilled in the 3-D techniques that are crucial for those who have decided to nix the skin grafting and nipple nub.

Temporary Tattoos Ease Decision–Making and Transition Time
With the temporary tattoos, sold under the name Rub-On Nipples®, women now have a tool to make the permanent areola/tattoo decision easier. Rub-On Nipples® last one to two weeks and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol. They replicate permanent 3-D areola/nipple tattoos and help women visualize how they would look.

Rub-On Nipples® also fill the void for those with bare mounds who are not yet candidates for a permanent procedure, a delay that can last for years when breast revisions are needed. This is because the size and shape of the breast mound must be finalized before placement of an areola/nipple tattoo can be accurately determined. The temporary nipple tattoos provide a life-changing interim solution for women in this situation.

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EV Endeavors, LLC, is a New Jersey company dedicated to mastectomy empowerment. All ventures encompass elements of the healing process after mastectomy.  Following her mastectomy in 2009, Founder Elizabeth Vivenzio, a medical writer for over 30 years, knew she could help other women following in her path by sharing the knowledge she had garnered. Her unique perspectives lead her to the purpose of conveying the message of mastectomy empowerment.


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